Tender Tinder explores themes of impermanence in love and life, modern human relationships, and introspection. The vibrant colors, the menagerie of pieces, and the inherently brittle medium of wood incites a new phase in my personal journey of reflecting on the past. This new work explores perceptions of not just one, but many partners and relationships, all as distinctive and fragile as the next. They are simultaneously related and unique, a contradiction in terms that is captured in the bitter details of this work as well as in my own life.

 Tender Tinder is a collection of found logs and branches which have been grouped together to form individual compositions. Each Composition is painted a different shade of pink, ranging from salmon and lilac to magenta and pale pastel pink. Compositions are placed throughout the allotted exhibition space. Some are mounted directly onto the walls, suspended from the ceiling, and placed on shelves, while others simply lean in corners, lay on the floor, or are placed on pedestals. Several of the compositions utilize partially obstructed mirrors, indicating the pieces of ourselves we see in other people.

Phase I - Hapeville Gallery Crawl, August 2017

Phase III - Bodies of Thought, Flatiron Building, Atlanta, February 2018