Atlanta-raised artist Katie Troisi works across a span of mediums including paint, photography, knitting, sculpture, installations, and ceramics. Though each channel acts as unique narrative vessel, she says to her, the process is as significant as the finished story told. Troisi’s work embodies this principle best in her “rub-down” paintings; an intricate reduction technique in which she plays with texture, necessitating viewers to touch the paintings to begin comprehending them.

Interaction is key for absorbing Troisi’s bright, deeply affecting portfolio. She knits garments for wear, not hands-off display. Similarly, she aims for more traditional mediums to invite and weather direct human contact, including installation pieces.

Postminimal American sculptor Eva Hesse and Troisi’s emotions propel her work, inspiring artistic exploration, creation, and completion. Perhaps most moving of Troisi’s recent works was He Got the Cat in the Divorce, a photography series spanning a protected Instagram account and single, independent installation. It functioned as a means to cope with heartache, cataloguing emotive, moody images of a once-shared home, cat, and self-portraiture.

Troisi further immerses herself in art by working in education and curation. Following a brief hiatus, she is heading back to the wheel to further develop her ceramics vision. She’s also looking into working with a curator to collaborate on future exhibitions.

Troisi currently resides in Atlanta’s Midtown neighborhood with her new cat, Pepper.